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Aloeride is a certified organic, palatable Aloe Vera powder. One month supply of Aloeride sachets contains the equivalent of 12 litres of Aloe Vera juice. Aloeride contains a much higher concentration of Aloe Vera than other products on the market.

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Aloeride has multiple health benefits for your horse:

1. Supports the health & function of the digestive tract

2. Promotes good skin, coat, mane & tail condition

3. Aids quality hoof growth & strength

4. Helps to improve suppleness

5. Optimises overall condition & performance

Aloeride comes in sachets of powder; one sachet is one day's ration for an adult horse. They are sold in boxes of 30 sachets (one months supply).

They are easy to give & palatable; they can be mixed in with feed, or added to water & syringed directly into your horse's mouth.

Each batch of Aloeride is tested by the accredited Newmarket laboratory LGC for the presence of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances (NOPS).