Feedmark Performance - Stamina and Endurance

Product Code: 100713

Competition ready formula for horses requiring speed, stamina and power by supporting the mental and physical demands of prolonged exercise sessions whilst generating power and energy to clear obstacles, move at speed and sustain performance.

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For horses in hard fast work e.g. eventing, polo, endurance and racing

Supplies slow release energy and proteins for optimum performance

Provides 1g of chondrotin, 10g of glucosmine and 10g of MSM per horse serving for joint support

B vitamins and magnesium aid concentration and nerve responces

Includes vitamin E and selenium help maintain muscle function and elasticity

Important pre and probiotics are included for digestive support

For hard working sweaty horses electrolytes have been included

Essential amino acids provide supple skin, a shiny coat and resilient hooves

Recommended to feed alongside a broad spectrum supplement such as Benevit Advance

For a responsive and powerful performance

Nutritionally designed to uncomplicate feeding times, simply add to a high fibre diet

Feeding guide:

Miniature (under 250kg) 1.33 scoops

Pony (250kg - 400kg) 2 scoops

Horse (400kg - 600kg) 3.5 scoops

Large Horse (over 600kg) 4.75 scoops