NAF M Power 900g

Product Code: 100445
NAF M Power is a high quality supplement designed to aid healthy, natural development of muscle. It is ideal for horses who are: fit & competing; showing signs of muscle wastage; young or have had time off work.
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NAF M Power can help with your horse's stamina, stregth & muscle power. It's rich in amino acids (which combine to form protein & therefore muscle); anti-oxidants; vitamins; minerals; herbal extracts & yeasts (which enable your horse to get the most out of their diet).

Feeding Instructions: Feed for a minimum of 4 weeks before re-assessing muscle condition & health

Horses- Give 30g daily (900g will last for 30 days)

Ponies- Give 20g daily (900g will last for 45 days)

NAF is part of the BETA NOPS scheme.