Protexin Gut Bind 30ml Syringe

Product Code: 100527
Protexin Gut Bind is ideal to give to foals during their mare's foal heat, to prevent/treat foal heat scours. It helps to settle their upset guts, by soothing the gut lining; firming up their droppings & re-establishing their microflora ("good bacteria").
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Protexin Gut Bind contains Protexin prebiotics & probiotics; Kaolin & Pectin. It is Peppermint flavour, so your foal should find it very palatable. Protexin Gut Bind is also suitable to feed to adult horses. Feeding Instructions- Give 5mls every 8 hours, for two days (or as long as necessary). Protexin are part of the BETA NOPS scheme.