Animalife Vetroflex Original

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Vetroflex Original by animalife is a joint supplement containing completely natural hydrolysed collagen, to promote flexible, strong & healthy joints & bones. It's formulated to protect cartilage & joint fluid from damage, as well as stimulating collagen production.

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Vetroflex Original was scientifically developed & is easily absorbed by your horse.

Most owners start to notice a difference in their horse's flexibility in only 2-4 weeks & nearly all have noticed a difference after 6-8 weeks of feeding Vetroflex Original.

Feeding Instructions- Feed a "Loading" rate for the first 10 days, followed by an "Intense" rate, then a "Maintenance" rate. If possible, split the daily amount between morning & evening feeds.

Horses/Ponies (400-600kg): Loading rate- Give 40g daily

Intense rate- Give 25g daily

Maintenance rate- Give 20g daily

500g will last up to 25 days

1kg will last up to 50 days

2kg will last up to 100 days