NAF Five Star Superflex

Product Code: 100432
NAF Superflex contains the key ingredients necessary to support joint health, comfort & function: Glucosamine; Chrondroitin; MSM; Hyaluronic Acid (HA). It also benefits from powerful anti-oxidants, which help against damaging free radicals around joints.
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NAF Five Star Superflex is designed to help with damaged cartilage; cartilage is an important part of the joint & a common cause of pain when damaged due to wear & tear. Superflex also aims to improve the quality of joint fluid, which lubricates joints.

Superflex is available in both powder & liquid form.

Feeding Instructions- Give a higher loading rate initially, then lower to a maintenance rate. The maintenance rate can be adjusted to suit your individual horse/pony & isn't necessarily related to bodyweight.

Powder: Loading (3-10 days)- 26g daily

Standard Maintenance- 13g daily

Low Maintenance- 8g daily

400g will last upto 30 days (based on 13g daily)

800g will last upto 61 days (based on 13g daily)

1.6kg will last upto 123 days (based on 13g daily)

3.2kg will last upto 246 days (based on 13g daily)

9.6kg will last upto 738 days (based on 13g daily)

Liquid: Loading rate (3-10 days)- 50ml daily

Maintenance- 25mls daily

Low Maintenance- 15mls daily

1 litre will last upto 40 days (based on 25mls daily)

2 litres will last upto 80 days (based on 25mls daily)

5 litres will last upto 200 days (based on 25mls daily)

NAF is part of the BETA NOPS scheme.