EQMEDIC Osteomedic

Product Code: 101362

The ultimate supplement for Equine skeletal development, suitable for horses of all ages and disciplines. Osteomedic+ is developed and recommended by top Equine vets.

£199.99 (inc VAT)
£166.66 (ex VAT)

Osteomedic+ is suitable for all horses in training or competing, as well as breeding stock, requiring a maximum strength product.

Osteomedic+ acts to:

-Increase bone density

-Decrease the incidence of OCD and physitis in foals and yearlings

-Regenerate bone post surgery

-Support joints and soft tissues

It has been designed to help to prevent and treat:

-Sore shins

-Subchondral bone disease

-splintsStress fractures


-Navicular disease

Feeding Instructions for weanlings, yearlings & horses in training:

Loading Dose - 4 measures per day

Maintenance Dose - 2 measures per day

We recommend you mix well into the feed.

1 measure = 35g

Main Ingredients:

-Vitamin K: Contributes to increasing bone mass and bone strength by stimulating bone formation and reducing bone resorption.

-Vitamin D: Participates in bone mineralisation, because of its role in regulating the Phosphorus to Calcium balance

-Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus: Essential minerals that contribute to optimal bone development. The marine origin calcium in Osteomedic+ is more bioavailable than calcium provided by limestone.

-MSM: Possesses chondroprotective (protects cartilage) properties. It is also a source of organic sulphur, needed in the synthesis of collagen (cartilage protein) giving it hydration, resistance, elasticity and suppleness.

-Lithoamnion: Shown to increase bone mineralization

-Glucosamine sulphate: Used to make hyaluronic acid, needed in synovial fluid to lubricate joints

-Copper, Zinc, Magnanese: Trace elements associated with a number of enzymes, which have an important role concerning bone and cartilage formation.

Available in 18kg tubs, which will last 257 days on maintenance rate

The 3.5kg tub has been discontinued.