EQMEDIC Osteomedic

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The ultimate supplement for Equine skeletal development. Osteomedic+ is developed and recommended by top Equine veterinary surgeons.

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Osteomedic+ acts to:

-Increase bone density

-Decrease the incidence of OCD and physitis in foals and yearlings

-Regenerate bone post surgery

-Support joints and soft tissues

It has been designed to help to prevent and treat:

-Sore shins

-Subchondral bone disease

-splintsStress fractures


-Navicular disease

Main Ingredients:

-Vitamin K: Contributes to increasing bone mass and bone strength by stimulating bone formation and reducing bone resorption.

-Vitamin D: Participates in bone mineralisation, because of its role in regulating the Phosphorus to Calcium balance

-Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus: Essential minerals that contribute to optimal bone development. The marine origin calcium in Osteomedic+ is more bioavailable than calcium provided by limestone.

-MSM: Possesses chondroprotective (protects cartilage) properties. It is also a source of organic sulphur, needed in the synthesis of collagen (cartilage protein) giving it hydration, resistance, elasticity and suppleness.

-Lithoamnion: Shown to increase bone mineralization

-Glucosamine sulphate: Used to make hyaluronic acid, needed in synovial fluid to lubricate joints

-Copper, Zinc, Magnanese: Trace elements associated with a number of enzymes, which have an important role concerning bone and cartilage formation.

Available in 3.5kg and 18kg tubs.