Equistro Haemolytan 400 1 litre

Product Code: 100240
Equistro Haemolytan 400 is a vitamin, mineral & trace element liquid supplement, containing high levels of iron, as well as copper; zinc; cobalt; Vitamin B complexes & Vitamin K3.
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Equistro Haemolytan 400 is ideal for competition horses; broodmares & breeding stallions, as well as horses recovering from illness, as these horses have increased requirements for iron & other nutrients found in Haemolytan 400. Ensuring adequate supply of these nutrients is vital for maintaining maximum performance & health. Feeding Instructions Horses (500kg)- Give 10-15mls daily 1 litre will last up to 100 days Ponies- Give 5-10mls daily 1 litre will last up to 200 days