Farrier's Formula

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Farrier's Formula is one of the best known & most popular hoof supplements.

When fed daily, it is very effective at improving all types of hoof disease & problems, by supplying all the nutrients needed for healthy horn growth.

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Farrier's Formula contains biotin, methionine & zinc, as well as key amino acids (the building blocks for protein); omega fatty acids; phospholipids; vitamins & minerals. These nutrients make it possible for strong, healthy horn to grow more quickly. It also gives a lovely shine to your horse's coat & strengthens the ligaments & connective tissues of the joints.

Feeding Instructions- Feed full amount for 6-8 months. After problems resolve, it might be possible to feed at half the full rate.

225kg Pony- Feed 85g daily (5kg will last 58 days)

450kg Pony/Horse- Feed 170g daily (5kg will last 29 days)

675kg Horse- Feed 255g daily (5kg will last 19 days)

900kg Horse- Feed 340g daily (5kg will last 14 days)