Cavalor PasSand 3kg

Product Code: 101496

Cavalor PasSand is designed to help remove sand from the GI tract.

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Cavalor PasSand is designed to be to help alleviate ingested sand from the colon.

Unlike straight Psyllium products, Cavalor PasSand is a balanced blend of Psyllium, mineral oils and essential oils which has been shown to improve the removal from sand from the colon. The essential oils are also soothing on the irritated wall of the colon. Cavalor PasSand is preferred by horses who are fussy eaters, compared to other similar products.

Dosage Instructions

  • Prevention for horses in sandy pasture: Give 50G twice daily for 10 days every month
  • Treatment of horses with sand in their manure: Give 100G twice daily for 10 days