Cavalor Digest 800g

Product Code: 101505

Cavalor Digest is designed for short term use following diarrhoea, to help return the small and large intestine to normal health and function.

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Cavalor Digest is designed to help combat diarrhoea. This diarrhoea could be the result of colic, worming, dietary indiscretion, change to forage or antibiotic usage.

Cavalor Digest contains:

  • Phyllosilicate clay and Activated Charcoal: Bind mycotoxins produced by a disturbed gut flora and help address faecal water balance
  • Methionine and Choline: Essential amino acids involved in digestive metabolism
  • Yeast combinations: To promote and help to re-establish a healthy gut flora.
  • Herbal blend: To increase palatability and digestibility of the meal offered.

Dosage Instructions:

  • 30-45g daily for a 4-6 weeks
  • Follow up treatment with Cavalor Vitaflor 365 if continued support is necessary
  • 1 tub fed at 40g a day will last for 20 days