Twydil Stomacare

Product Code: 100619

Feed supplement for horses to help protect the stomach wall using a coating effect. It also provides fibre and other necessary micronutrients for the regeneration of the stomach lining. This supplement can be used in conjunction with other prebiotics/probiotics as it has a different action. It is ideal to give 15 minutes before exercise or turnout.

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Perfect for horses demonstrating the following clinical signs:

  • sensitive stomach
  • lack of energy at work
  • teeth grinding horses or unusual yawning or if saddling becomes difficult
  • gastric discomfort during feeding
  • when your veterinary surgeon suspects gastric irritation

Dosing Instructions: Give 1 syringe orally daily before exercise or turnout for 1 month. Then if improvement noted, reduce to 1 syringe every other day.

Composition: Refined fatty acids, glucosamine fibres, magnesium trisilicate