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Immun-Ocean Gastro Pellets 5kg

Product Code: 101162

Gastro is a natural feed supplement, comprising of Ascophyllum nodosum and Lithothamnium, which is specifically formulated for horses with gastric issues. It provides a balance of vitamins and minerals and uses a natural approach to support efficient digestion, providing gastric and hindgut comfort. It is suitable for horses competing at all levels, as it contains no listed banned substances and the inclusion of Omega 3 fatty acids, MSM and magnesium makes Gastro the perfect choice for competition horses.

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Gastro contains soothing properties to help ease irritation and promote intestinal health, as well as a healthy balanced digestive system. Gastro encourages the growth of friendly bacteria for regular gut function and enables the horse to utilise all of the nutrients in their feed.

It also contains Omega 3 fatty acids, MSM and optimum levels of magnesium, which can all have a positive impact on performance. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to potentially improve brain health and aid concentration levels, resulting in more consistent performances, and they have natural soothing properties, which can ease stiffness, enabling horses to move more freely. MSM, an organic sulphur, found naturally in abundance in Ascophyllum, also helps to maintain healthy and flexible joints, offering your horse both short and long term joint support, whilst magnesium helps with nerve and muscle function.

Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from the cold North Atlantic has been used for centuries as a natural feed supplement, low in iodine and rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It is composed of 48 elements, 16 amino acids and 11 vitamins. The macro algae are hand harvested in accordance with sustainable and traditional methods, which have been used for centuries along the Atlantic coastline of Ireland.

Lithothamnium calcareum is a red algae belonging to the Corallinaceae family. It grows extremely slowly, giving it time to filter and absorb large quantities of sea nutrients. Lithothamnium provides a rich supply of minerals including 32 trace elements.

This supplement is 100% natural and contains a balanced mix of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that help to promote a healthy immune system and aid the overall wellbeing of horses with gastrointestinal disease, such as gastric ulcers, including high level competition horses.

Available in 1.5kg and 5kg tubs, as powder or pellets. Contains garlic for palatability.

Feeding Instructions: Feed 25g twice a day and introduce it gradually.

1.5kg tub lasts 1 horse approx. 30 days

5kg tub lasts 1 horse approx. 100 days


Calcareous Marine Seaweed (Lithothamnium) spp, powder, Ascophyllum nodosum low temperature dried granules, yeast, live yeast (Sacchromyces cerevisau), flax oil, magnesium oxide and other minerals. Cadmium 0.37 mg/kg, Copper 170 mg/kg, Fluoride 370 mg/kg, Iodine 96 mg/kg, Lead 0.44 mg/kg, Mercury 0.1 mg/kg, Magnesium 52000 mg/kg, Molybdenum <3 mg/kg, Nitrogen 0.58 %, Phosphorous 680 mg/kg, Potassium 5300 mg/kg, Selenium <3 mg/kg, Zinc 390 mg/kg. Also contains cereals and flavours to enhance palatability.

Immun-Ocean Gastro does not contain any ingredient known to contravene the Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules. Immun-Ocean Gastro is free of contaminants such as caffeine, theobromine, hyoscine, hordenine, morphine and atropine.

Note: the values listed above are typical. Components of Immun-Ocean Gastro are natural products of marine origin and as such, are subject to seasonal variation.

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