Cavalor Emergency 911 Syringes

Product Code: 101524

Cavalor Emergency 911 is a fast acting and easily digestible supplement designed for horse which suffer with recurrent colic or gastro-intestinal upsets. It can be used to help relieve symptoms, or as a preventative.

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Cavalor Emergency 991 helps to prevent colic by supporting the gastro-intestinal microflora and the digestive system. It is an essential for any horse owner whose horse suffers from mild bouts of colic, or digestive upsets especially when travelling.

It contains:

  • Prebiotic bacteria
  • Saccharomyces Cervisiae
  • Organic mycotoxin binding yeasts
  • Betaglucans
  • B Vitamins


  • Acute symptoms: 1-2 tubes
  • Preventative doses: Half to 1 tube daily