Audevard Vetidral Flash 60ml

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Vetidral Flash is a high quality electrolyte paste that comes in an easy to use syringe & is formulated by Audevard.

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Vetidral Flash is a high quality electrolyte paste that comes in an easy-to-use syringe & is formulated by Audevard.

When horses sweat they lose water and electrolytes, which are essential for normal cellular function in the horse. These can be replaced by giving oral electrolytes. Research has proven that giving horses high quality electrolytes during & prior to hard work can prolong the length of time it takes horses to get tired by 23%, ie they can work for 23% longer until they get tired. Therefore giving electrolytes could have a positive impact on performance. Horses who are given electrolytes within an hour of finishing work, have also been shown to recover better.

Electrolytes should be given for a few days, in the lead up to a competition, to enable the horse to replace any existing deficiencies.

Vetidral Flash is an excellent electrolyte supplement because, as well as containing electrolytes in the identical proportion to those lost in sweat, it also has prebiotics, which stimulate electrolyte replacement & absorption.

Vetidral Flash is ideal for use when away from home at competitions.

Audevard electrolytes are also available in a powder or liquid form (Vetidral).

Feeding Instructions- Give one whole syringe daily, around the time of competition.

Ensure water is always available.

Key Ingredients: Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium gluconate, Potassium, Glycine, Vitamin C, Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)