NAF Oestress

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NAF Oestress contains effective herbal extracts, to support your mare's hormones throughout her oestrus cycle; as well as magnesium to promote calmness. It's also rich in antioxidants, to boost overall health.
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Oestress can be fed just during spring & summer, when your mare is at her most temperamental, or if needed, all year round.

Oestress contains Magnesium; Chastetree berries; Black cohosh; Crampbark; Turmeric; Ginger; Milk Thistle & Rosehip.

Oestress can also be given to geldings who are showing "riggy" behaviour.

It is not recommended to feed Oestress to pregnant mares; also discontinue use on broodmares 2 months before covering.

Feeding Instructions:

Give a higher loading rate initially, then lower to a maintenance rate. The maintenance rate can be adjusted to suit your individual mare & isn't necessarily related to bodyweight.

Powder: Loading rate (7-10 days)- 30g daily

Maintenance- 10-20g daily

500g will last upto 50 days (based on 10g daily)

1kg will last upto 100 days (based on 10g daily)

2.5kg will last upto 250 days (based on 10g daily)

8kg will last upto 800 days (based on 10g daily)

Liquid: Loading rate (3-10 days)- 50ml daily

Maintenance- 25-50ml daily

1 litre will last upto 40 days (based on 25mls daily)

2 litres will last upto 80 days (based on 25mls daily)

5 litres will last upto 200 days (based on 25mls daily)

NAF is part of the BETA NOPS scheme.