NAF Five Star Magic

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NAF Five Star Magic Calmer contains Magnesium, as well as the herbal calming agents St John's Wort & Hops, to help with your horse's confidence & ability to concentrate on the work asked of him/her. It comes in a powder or liquid form.

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Feeding Instructions- Give a higher loading rate initially, then lower to a maintenance rate. The maintenance rate can be adjusted to suit your individual horse & isn't necessarily related to bodyweight.

Powder: Loading rate (7-10 days)- 50-75g daily

Maintenance- 25-50g daily

750g will last upto 30 days (based on 25g daily)

1.5kg will last upto 60 days (based on 25g daily)

3kg will last upto 120 days (based on 25g daily)

15kg will last upto 600 days (based on 25g daily)

Liquid: Loading rate (3-10 days)- 50ml daily

Maintenance- 25-50ml daily

1 litre will last upto 40 days (based on 25mls daily)

2 litres will last upto 80 days (based on 25mls daily)

5 litres will last upto 200 days (based on 25mls daily)

NAF Instant Magic Syringes are ideal to give just before a potentially stressful event, such as competing; travelling; clipping or a visit from the vet, farrier or dentist. They are fast-acting, giving a calming effect with 1-1.5 hours. NAF Instant Magic Syringes contain bio-available magnesium as well as the herbal calming agents St John's Wort & Hops.

Feeding Instructions: Give one whole syringe 1-1.5 hours prior to when calming effect is needed. If necessary, give one syringe the evening before too.

NAF is part of the BETA NOPS scheme.

Please note the 15kg tub of NAF Five Star Magic is a 'Special' item from our suppliers. Therefore, we cannot offer a refund on this product for returns or order cancellations.