Equilibrium SimplyMare

Product Code: 100198
SimplyMare is a daily feed supplement, formulated to have your mare looking her best & feeling calm. It is low in sugars, starch & calories, so is non-heating.
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£20.99 (ex VAT)
SimplyMare contains vervain, the calming herb; Omega 3 oils & Vitamin B6, to give added support during her hormonal cycle. Biotin; Methionine & Lysine, are included too, they promote healthy, strong hooves, as well as a shiny coat, mane & tail. Added live yeast encourages good gut health & helps her to absorb all the essential nutrients from her diet. SimplyMare is suitable to feed to any mare, all year round but can be particularly useful: - During hectic competition seasons, to support her temperament, performance & condition - At other times, when she needs some extra help to keep a balanced temperament SimplyMare comes in a resealable bag, to maintain freshness. Feeding Instructions: 30g daily for a horse 15g daily for a pony 1.5kg lasts a horse for 50 days, or a pony for 100 days. All Equilibrium products are Beta NOPS accredited & made in the UK.