Equistro Secreta Pro-Max

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Equistro Secreta Pro-Max is a high quality respiratory supplement, formulated to aid your horse's natural immune response to respiratory disease or allergies. It contains 9 specially selected herbs, as well as Vitamin E, which is an antioxidant.
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Equistro Secreta Pro-Max contains Grindelia; Coltsfoot; Liquorice; Mullien; Climbing Ivy; Black horehound; Burdock; Grape powder & Thyme. They assist your horse's natural self-cleansing process & appropriate mucus formation in both the lower & upper respiratory tract. In addition, they support the respiratory tract's natural immunity & regeneration.

Equistro Secreta Pro-Max is suitable to be given long term to horses prone to respiratory issues

Feeding Instructions- Give double the rates below for the first 7 days

Horses (500kg)- Give 10-20g daily

800g will last up to 80 days

2.4kg will last up to 240 days

Ponies- Give 5-10g daily

800g will last up to 160 days

2.4kg will last up to 480 days