Science Supplements GastroKind 5.6kg

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Gastric support for horses developed by Vets and leading equine nutritionists. GastroKind contains 9 active ingredients to promote gastric health and comfort. This product won a BETA innovation award in 2017.

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GastroKind has been developed by the leading veterinary scientists, nutritionists and vets. The unique formula promotes a healthy gastric environment, soothes the stomach walls, helps control acidity and supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes in the gut.

Gastrokind can be fed to all horses during or following veterinary treatment to help encourage a healthy stomach environment and is a natural alternative to maintain a healthy gut.


Ficus glomerata extract - Studies using an extract of Ficus glomerata have been shown to support the stomach lining, promote a healthy gastric environment and help control acidity.

Apple Pectin & Lecithin - Pectin-lecithin complexes have been studied in horses and support the total mucus concentration in gastric juice (Koller et al. 2010). Mucus helps protect the stomach lining from acid.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae - Yeast cells are high in a small protein called thioredoxin, which has been proven to support the gastric lining.

MgOH - Magnesium hydroxide when used in combination with a pectin-lecithin formulation and Saccharomyces cerevisiae can support a healthy stomach.

Alfalfa - Alfalfa has buffering capacity which means it can help maintain the stomach walls.

Vitamin C – Alongside Vitamin E, Vitamin C is the other major anti-oxidant. The antioxidant Vitamin C has also been shown to support the gastric lining whilst not interfering with the positive effects of omeprazole (Kohler et al. 2010) therefore ideal for use alongside veterinary treatment.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E has been shown to aid the natural process of reduction of stomach acidity, acid production and gastric acid volume (Cuevas et al, 2011; Huilgol et al. 2014). Vitamin E in high feeding rates has significant anti-oxidative action.

Selenium - Selenium is an important co-factor the effective function of antioxidant enzymes and Vitamins such as Vitamin E.

Dosage Instructions

Maintenance: Following veterinary treatment

250KG pony: 2 x 150ml scoops per day

500KG horse: 2 x 150ml scoops per day

750KG horse: 3 x 150ml scoops per day

Split this dose between 2 meals

Horses under veterinary treatment

Feed the rate below for 7-14 days before reducing to a maintenance dose listed above.

250KG pony: 3 x 150ml scoops per day

500KG horse: 4 x 150ml scoops per day

750KG horse: 6 x 150ml scoops per day

Split this dose between 2 meals

If symptoms re-occur or increase in severity, then you should contact your veterinary surgeon.

Do not exceed the recommended intake

A 5.6kg tub gives approximately one month supply for a 500KG horse on a maintenance dose