Equitop Pronutrin 3.5kg

Product Code: 100250

Equitop Pronutrin is a high quality, palatable supplement designed to reduce signs of gastric stress in horses, for example poor performance; poor appetite; weight loss; colic; cribbing; teeth grinding & general depression.

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Equitop Pronutrin contains natural ingredients.

It is suitable for all horses, but can be particularly beneficial when:
- High levels of performance are required (eg. competing, training)
- Feeding large amounts of concentrate feed
- Changing feeds
- Travelling long distance
- Weaning foals

Feeding Instructions

Give 50g Equitop Pronutrin per 100kg of bodyweight daily, for a minimum of 28 days.
For example, give a 500kg horse 250g daily; 3.5kg will last for 14 days.

If your horse is fed twice daily, divide the ration of Equitop Pronutrin between the two feeds.