Foalstim 20ml Syringe

Product Code: 100278

Foalstim contains colostrum, to support your foal's immune system, & prebiotics, to stimulate growth of "good" bacteria, helping to prevent growth of "bad" bacteria, such as Salmonella.

It also provides energy within 2 hours.

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Foalstim contains a mixture of water & fat-soluble vitamin groups, as well as bioavailable iron.

It is ideal to feed to all foals after birth, helping to give them the best start in life & aid their natural ability to resist disease & stress.

It is particularly useful in foals who have health concerns or who are born somewhere there has been a previous history of foal diarrhoea.

Please consult your vet urgently if you are concerned about the health of your foal.

Feeding Instructions:

Give one whole syringe as soon after birth as possible & another one 24 hours later if necessary.