Winderen Show Jumping Saddle Half Pad

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The Winderen Half Pad: A revolutionary supportive pad that will change the way we approach back care for both horse and rider. Available as either Jumping or Dressage cut, or with corrective inserts.

The iconic Winderen pad is a cut above any other corrective pad on the market. Five technologically advanced layers provide you with maximum comfort, stability and enhance your riding experience by connecting horse and rider in complete harmony but yet it is still slim and elegant.

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Benefits for the Horse

A Perfect Fit: Considerable spot pressure reduction and even load distribution on the horse's back making the saddle fit more comfortably.

Muscle Support: The muscles along your horse's back can now loosen and tighten much more easily, thanks to even load distribution.

Movement: Back muscles are now able to move freely allowing a more fluid connection through the horses’ body, improving the quality of the gaits and engagement of the hind-quarters.

Shock Absorption: Rider impact on the horses’ back is greatly reduced thanks to the Force Equalisation layer. This layer is made from material designed by the military, for its outstanding ability to absorb kinetic energy (bangs). You can feel this for yourself, by putting your hands under the pad, and then sitting down.

Benefits for the Rider

No Slip: The Nylon upper shell (which looks and feels like suede) prevents the pad from moving or slipping under the saddle. The Kevlar bottom shell has also been designed to make sure the pad stays firmly in place on your saddle cloth.

Improved Saddle Stability: The dynamic stabilisation layer works to improve the overall fit of the saddle, conforming to the shape of your horses back, and to the under side of the saddle. This will reduce saddle movement- allowing you to improve your seat and posture.

Less Tension and Back Pain: Now your saddle is far more secure on your horses back, and the movement forces which come through your saddle have been reduced, there is far less strain on you as a rider. This pad makes your horse feel more comfortable to ride! AND you wont feel as much tension after riding.

More than one Horse? The Winderen Pad is the ideal solution for a rider who uses the same saddle on multiple horses. One minute after removing the pad from the horse, it will return to its original shape, ready for the next horse.

Changeable covers: The covers of the pads are changeable, so they can be washed easily, but also, it means you can have a selection of covers, ones for home and ones for competition.

Long Term Use: Reports from professionals are that the Winderen Pad used long term can help to alleviate back pain and tension permanently. As a rider you can feel a difference immediately. Horses re-assessed at six weeks and three months showed significant improvements in comfort level and increased muscle development of the quadriceps and long muscles of the back.

Why do we like it?

A huge amount of time, thought and technology has gone into this product, and it works! This pad provides an easy solution to a multitude of problems including:

Managing horses with tension or pain in their backs and sacroiliac

Improve horse and rider comfort and performance

Improving saddle fit and horse welfare

A universal pad that can use used on more than one horse

As a rider you will feel the difference in your horse instantly, but your horse will continue to benefit and improve for months after purchasing your Winderen Pad.

Which Pad do I need?

Comfort: This pad is 18mm thick, and will suit the majority of horses. It is ideal if you are looking to improve saddle fit, compensate for changes in body shape through the seasons, and improve back comfort along with hind limb engagement for your horse.

Slim: This pad is 10mm thick, it has been designed for use in situations where the saddle fit is perfect for both horse and rider, but you want to promote shock absorption and pressure dispersion. Please note- this pad is considerably thinner than the comfort.

Both of these pads contain the same number of technologically advanced layers, just in different thicknesses.