Panacur 10% Oral Suspension

Product Code: 100494
Panacur 10% Oral Suspension is a worming liquid that contains Fenbendazole. Give 5mls per 65kg eg a 585kg horse will require 45mls per dose. Therefore the 225ml bottle will do a 5 day course for a 585kg horse.
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It is effective against small strongyles; large stronglyes; ascarids (roundworm) & pinworms.

When given daily for 5 consecutive days, it is also effective against small redworm larvae encysted in the gut wall (the only other wormers to do this, are those containing Moxidectin). It is important to treat for encysted small redworm larvae every year, between late October - December.

Resistance can occur with over use of wormers, especially repeated use of the same class of anthelmintic. Faecal egg counts are an important part of an effective worming programme. Please call our helpline or talk to your vet, if you wish to discuss your horse's worming programme.

Legal Category- Legal Category- POM-VPS

Warnings & Contraindications- Wash hands after administration.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Safe to use during pregnancy & lactation.

Passport Requirements- This medication cannot be used in horses intended for human consumption. Your vet must have signed Section 9 of your horse's passport (or Section 2 for passports issued after 1st January 2016).

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