Equimax Wormer

Ivermectin & Praziquantel
Product Code: 100203
Equimax Gel is a wormer that contains Ivermectin & Praziquantel. One syringe contains enough gel to treat a 700kg horse.
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It is effective against tapeworm; small strongyles (although not larvae encysted in the gut wall); large stronglyes; ascarids (roundworm); lungworm; stomach bots, pinworms; intestinal threadworms; adult hairworms; large-mouth stomach worms & neck threadworms.

Resistance can occur with over use of wormers, especially repeated use of the same class of anthelmintic. Faecal egg counts are an important part of an effective worming programme. Please call our helpline or talk to your vet, if you wish to discuss your horse's worming programme.

Legal Category- Legal Category- POM-VPS

Warnings & Contraindications- Can be poisonous to dogs & cats, so do not let them have access to syringes or consume droppings of horses within 24hours of treatment.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Safe to use during pregnancy & lactation. Do not give to foals less than 2 weeks old.

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