Drontal Plus XL Flavoured Worming Tablets for Large Dogs

Pyrantel; Praziquantel & Febantel
Product Code: 100167
Drontal Plus XL is a palatable worming tablet used to treat against gastrointestinal roundworms & tapeworms. 1 tablet is given per 35kg of weight.
£7.99 (inc VAT)
£6.66 (ex VAT)

Drontal Plus XL are effective against roundworms (including ascarids, hookworm & whipworm), as well as tapeworms.

Worms can be a serious threat to your dog's health & wellbeing, so routine worming every 3 months is essential.

They can be given directly to your dog or mixed in with food.


17.5kg- 0.5 tablets

17.6-35kg- 1 tablet

35.1-52.5kg- 1.5 tablets

52.6-70kg- 2 tablets

Warnings & Contraindications- To achieve accurate dosing do not use on dogs less than 17.5kg, use Drontal Dog Tasty Bone Tablets instead.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Safe to use during lactation, nursing bitches should be treated 2 weeks after giving birth, at two week intervals until weaning (to protect against Toxocara). Seek advice from your vet for use during pregnancy.

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