Storm Canis

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A revolutionary supplement to aid muscle recovery and increase muscle performance.

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STORM® Canis is a complementary feed supplement for all working dogs including those that race such as Greyhounds, Lurchers, Salukis and for other canine sports and disciplines such as flyball, dog agility or sled dog racing. It should be added to the normal food diet, thus providing part of a normal healthy balanced ration.

STORM® Canis is scientifically proven to delay muscle fatigue and the ‘burn’ of muscle acidosis in muscles, which means that your dog can perform at maximum speed or power for longer. Moreover, it supports muscle repair and speeds recovery.

Directions: The scoop provided gives 5g

Small Dog (<15KG): Half a scoop twice daily

Medium Dog (15-25KG): 1 scoop twice daily

Large Dog (>25KG): 1.5 scoops twice daily

STORM® Canis is available in a 1kg tub that will last a medium size dog 100 days.

For a sustained effect STORM® Canis should be fed for 1 month prior to racing or competition and then fed throughout the working or competition season. STORM® Canis can be discontinued out of season or during periods of rest.