Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Cream

Cetrimide; Titanium Dioxide; Zinc Oxide
Product Code: 100047
Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Cream is an essential for every horse owner's first aid box. As well as having antibacterial properties, it is also an SPF 30 sun block.
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Filtabac cream is soothing, in addition to being effective against bacteria & aiding wound healing. It can be used in many situations:

- Grazes, cuts, broken skin or wounds

- Mud fever & rain scald

- Girth galls, rug/tack rubs or bit rubs (swallowing small amounts of Filtabac is harmless)

- Bites from flies, other horses or dogs

- Clipper rash

- Sun block- protection from the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays

- Treating sunburn

Filtabac allows skin to heal, by acting as a natural second skin, protecting skin cells & acting as a barrier, so they can return to normal.

Filtabac can also be used in cats & dogs (seek advice from your vet before using in white cats).