Rescue Studs - Pack of 4

Product Code: 101086

These rescue studs have been designed by a farrier with over 25 year' experience of shoeing horses. With their innovative design and precise engineering, these studs provide a solution to loose fitting studs that won't tighten.

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These studs are suitable for all types of equestrian activities.

Type S - Recommended for soft ground.

Type X - Recommended for good to firm ground.

Type P - Recommended for firm to hard ground.

It will tighten up into the loosest of stud holes and can also be fitted into a new, fresh stud hole.

An absolute necessity to have a selection of these in your stud kit. They have a unique slot that will enable you to tighten the stud with a coin or anything you have to hand, in case it loosens seconds before y enter your class or competition.