Keratex Hoof Putty 200g

Product Code: 100345
Keratex Hoof Putty is an invaluable product for repairing holes in your horse's hooves, eg. abcesses, punctures, hoof separation or white line disease. After plugging the cavity, the putty goes hard & stays in place for long periods, even in muddy fields.
£12.49 (inc VAT)
£10.41 (ex VAT)
The Hoof Putty is a semi-permanent wax that is hard in the tin, but softens & becomes pliable in your hands. Thoroughly clean & disinfect the puncture, hole or separation, to ensure no bacteria will be trapped in. Then mould the putty in your hands & press it firmly into the cavity to form a dense plug. This will stop mud, debris & grit getting jammed into the hole & help to prevent (re)infection (the putty also has disinfectant properties). Your horse can be turned out & ridden as normal with the hoof putty in. All Keratex products are British designed & manufactured.