Keratex Hoof Hardener

Product Code: 100343
Keratex Hoof Hardener is scientifically proven in both shod & barefoot horses, to strengthen & protect hooves. It is recommended by both farriers & vets worldwide, as a leading hoofcare product.
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Its special formula has been patented & includes both a hardening agent & a flexibility agent, to encourage strong, but elastic hoof growth. This product is fantastic to use in any horse, but can be particularly useful in horses suffering from: damaged, cracked, brittle, weak or soft hooves; thin, soft or sensitive soles; cracks (it will help to stop them travelling further up the hoof wall); repeated shoe loss or transitioning to barefoot. It absorbs quickly into the hooves, so it won't get wiped off in the field or bedding, and will continue to work & improve hoof quality whatever the conditions. All Keratex products are British designed & manufactured. A 250ml bottle lasts for approximately 3 months A 1 litre bottle lasts for approximately 1 year