Guardian Horse Mask

Product Code: 100291
The Guardian Horse Mask is ideal for horses suffering from eye injuries; headshaking; uveitis; cataracts; eye cancer/tumours or glaucoma. This high quality mask protects your horse's eyes from 95% of the sun's damaging UV rays.
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As the Guardian Horse Mask stops the sun from damaging your horse's eyes, it helps to prevent your horse from developing serious eye conditions. If your horse is already suffering from an eye condition, wearing the Guardian Horse Mask during daylight hours, can give the condition a chance to heal.

The Guardian Horse Mask can be worn 24/7, including whilst being ridden. It fits under most standard bridles & headcollars.

Size guide

Small- 12-13hh, eg. Welsh Ponies; small Arabs

Medium/Large- 14-16hh, eg. Thoroughbred; Appaloosa

Extra Large- 15-17hh, eg. Warmblood; Clydesdale