Pressage Bandages

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Pressage bandages are a revolution in wound management that will save you time & money when bandaging your horse's leg. They come in a wide range of sizes & hold dressings in place over the hock, fetlock or knee.

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Pressage Bandages are made of 3-way stretch fabric, which contours to the limb and allows and even distribution of pressure. They are easy to use and are secured with a zip and Velcro fastening.

Simply place your primary dressing (eg Melolin), over the wound, then a layer of Orthopaedic Padding, then your Pressage. To help your Pressage Bandage remain in the correct position, it can sometimes be useful to put a strip of E-Band at the top & bottom.

Sizing & Fit

Pressage bandages come in either left or right leg fittings.

To measure the width of your horse's leg, it is recommended to measure the circumference of their leg, 15cm above the centre of the knee/point of the hock. If in doubt, go for a smaller size.

Hock H2 - Horses under 330kg - Width - 32cm, Length - 44cm

Hock H3 - Horses 330kg - 455kg - Width - 37cm, Length - 48cm

Hock H4 - Horses over 550kg - Width - 43cm, Length - 50cm

Hock H3XL - Horses 455kg - 550kg - Width - 40cm, Length - 54cm

Hock H3XXL - For the heaviest horses - Width - 45cm, Length - 56cm

Knee K2 - Horses under 330kg - Width - 28cm, Length - 36cm

Knee K3 - Horses 300kg - 455kg - Width - 32cm, Length - 42cm

Knee K3XXL - For the heaviest horses - Width - 36cm, Length - 47cm

Fetlock F2 - Horses under 330kg - Width - 20cm, Length - 30cm

Fetlock F3 - Horses 330kg - 455kg - Width - 24cm, Length - 34cm