Equilibrium Simply Irresistible

Product Code: 100196
Simply Irresistible is an all natural feed topping containing antioxidants & probiotics, designed to encourage your horse to eat & promote a healthy digestive system. It's great for fussy eaters, or if trying to feed wormers; medications or supplements.
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It comes in two delicious, healthy flavours, Virtuous Vegetable or Fabulous Fruits. Both flavours benefit from being high in fibre & cereal free, with no added sugar. Virtuous Vegetable contains carrot, pea, parsnip, beetroot & courgette. Fabulous Fruits contains apple, strawberry, apricot, sultana & date. To make feed more palatable, just sprinkle on top of your horse's hard feed, forage or chaff. It can also be used as a treat & can even be added to treat balls to entertain your horse. Also available for use with Simply Irresistible, is the Equilibrium Simply Scoop, which can be used to measure out a 50g portion of Simply Irresistible. Feeding Instructions: 1.5kg lasts 30 days, based on giving 50g per day. 6kg lasts 120 days, based on giving 50g per day. All Equilibrium products are Beta NOPS accredited & made in the UK.