Audevard Flymax Derm 500ml

Product Code: 100747-A

FLYMAX DERM has been formulated specifically for horses with skin sensitivity, caused by insect bites during the summer.

This unique balm contains five concentrated essential oils plus plantain and aloe vera extracts. It can be applied once or twice daily, during the summer months and is ideal for horses with sweet itch.

£19.49 (ex VAT)

Biting midges are most active at dusk so we recommend applying the balm in the late afternoon.

This product should not be applied to any open wounds, sores or areas of infection. However, it has a precision nozzle, which enables clean and precise application and ensures you can avoid these areas easily.

Active ingredients - Benzyl benzoate, calendula (essential oil), chlorhexidine, lavandin (essential oil), allantoin, geranium (essential oil), eucalyptus (essential oil), dried plantain extract, Aloe vera.