Do I need a written prescription to buy any medication from eVetDrug?

Not all medications require a written prescription.

Medications fall into 3 different categories:

  • POM-V (Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinarian)
  • POM-VPS (Prescription Only Medicine – Veterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP)
  • NFA-VPS (Non-food Animal – Veterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP)

Only the medications classified as POM-V require a valid veterinary prescription, which must be written in accordance with UK regulations and signed and dated by a UK registered Veterinary Surgeon.

Our qualified and experienced staff at eVetDrug can dispense the other medications without a written prescription. We use the information you provide us during the checkout process to ensure the medication is suitable for the animal being treated.

If you see this symbol on one of our products, a written prescription is required before we can complete the order.

Does my vet have to issue a prescription?

Yes, your vet is legally obliged to issue you with a prescription if your horse or pet is under their care and has been recently examined. They are entitled to make a reasonable charge for doing so, which is usually a nominal fee.

How long are prescriptions valid for?

Under UK legislation, an individual prescription is valid for a maximum of six months from the date it is signed by a vet, unless stated otherwise by the signatory.

Please check your prescription expiry date and ensure you use it within the valid time frame.

What happens if my horse requires long term treatment?

If your pet requires long-term medication for a chronic condition, please ensure you ask your vet for a repeat prescription. Your vet can include a number of repeats in an individual prescription, enabling you to reorder up to the maximum number of repeats without having to obtain a new prescription from your vet. This will undoubtedly save you time and money. Once your prescription expires or you have used up all your repeats, you will need to supply a new prescription from your vet.

Every prescription you send us will be saved in the ‘My Pets’ area of your account and repeat prescriptions can be assigned easily to subsequent orders if they are within the valid time frame.