Deosect 5% Spray Solution

Product Code: 100147

Deosect 5% contains cypermethrin. It is diluted and applied topically to horses up to every two weeks to effectively control flies and lice. Deosect 5% should be applied throughout the fly season monthly, increasing to every two weeks in horses with lice and those in contact with them as necessary.

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Just 10ml of Deosect diluted with 500ml of water is enough to treat a 500kg horse. It can then be applied with a sponge, hand sprayer or knapsack sprayer.

To control flies, Deosect should be applied at the start of the fly season & repeated monthly. For severe head & face fly control, it can be applied every two weeks.

To control lice, Deosect should be applied when they are noticed & doses repeated as neccesary with a minimal interval of 14 days.

Legal Category- POM-VPS

Warnings & Contraindications- Product must be diluted as per above instructions. Do not apply to broken skin. Wear impermeable gloves, rubber boots & a face shield when handling the product. Apply in a well ventilated area only. Deosect is flammable.

Pregnancy & Lactation- Safe to use during pregnancy & lactation.

Passport Requirements- This medication cannot be used in horses intended for human consumption. Your vet must have signed Section 9 of your horse's passport (or Section 2 for passports issued after 1st January 2016).

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