Teddy's Story

by Dr Helen Bickerton BVSc CertAVP (ESO) MRCVS | Equine Vets
22 February 2019 | Vets Diary

Little Teddy didn’t have the best start in life – his Shetland pony mother had been sold for slaughter for meat and she gave birth to him on the lorry on the way back from market. Luckily, Sharon Holt, who rescues Shetland ponies, heard of the mare and foal’s plight and took them both into her care when Teddy was just 3 days old. Unfortunately, Teddy had acquired a large worm burden during his first few days of life while he was housed in close proximity with other ponies with worms.

Despite excellent care and worming from Sharon, Teddy fell ill with colic aged 9 weeks.

He was painful, dehydrated and weak so he was immediately admitted to Chiltern Equine Clinic's Blueberry Farm hospital where he received pain relief, fluids, an ultrasound scan of his abdomen, an enema and further treatment for worms. Thankfully, Teddy responded well to the treatment and was back to his normal bouncy self when he was discharged!

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