Daisy Coakley

by Daisy Coakley | Sponsored Riders
27 June 2019 | eVet Riders

A bit of History...

Daisy originally started on the event circuit, eventing the incredible Urbanus II who moved up through the levels to BE Intermediate competition. Whilst eventing, Daisy started riding for list one dressage judge Judy F-W and formed a strong partnership with five year old Cleopatra II.

Fast forward a number of years, Cleopatra won a National title at every level and Daisy secured more dressage rides. She was then selected onto the BEF Excel talent Programme which really helped guide Daisy's future in the sport of dressage.


We currently have a really exciting stable of horses... Cleoptara II, Affinity Bay and Aramis T are all currently competing at Small Tour level with Galanci RS coming up through the ranks.

Aramis T (Merri) had a super year in 2018, she was reserve champion at the Small Tour Championships as well as the British Dressage Prix St George Summer Music Championships. This year Aramis T is having a slightly quieter year and is turning her hoof to something slightly different- we are pairing up for a Par-de-deux with International rider and judge Sara Jane Lanning! Merri is seventeen years old but is far too fit and well to consider retirement yet! She is so talented and makes us smile everyday!

Affinity Bay (Finn) had a super start to the year with a trip to Hughes Dressage for an intensive training boot camp. He is now looking to move up to Inter II. Finn has all the moves and we are

now working on channeling his exuberance in the arena. Finn started his life as a successful event horse but it was fairly apparent he had a really good brain for the more advanced dressage work, and the athleticism to match.

Along his dressage journey Finn was reserved champion at Advanced Medium National championships and had his first win the Premier League Prix St George in 2017.

Cleopatra II (Daya) was hugely successful as a young horse, qualifying for National young horse championships and winning multiple National titles. When you look at Daya she is not your typical 'all legs' dressage horse but she has a heart of gold and a lot of presence. Daya is such a trier, she has already been successful at Small Tour, gaining the marks for International competition- the goal is Grand Prix.

Galanci RS (Tilly) is a super 'young horse' (she isn't that young but we have taken a lot of time to make sure she is strong enough in the work as by the looks of it she never stopped growing!). Tilly has a super trainable attitude and is a pleasure to

work with, she has all the ability so we are very excited for her future.

I feel so lucky to ride these incredible horses and love sharing our journey with our sponsors, who we couldn't do it without!

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Daisy Coakley

Daisy originally started on the event circuit, eventing the incredible Urbanus II who moved up through the levels to BE Intermediate competition...

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